Judges 17:6b


…every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Judges 17:6b (nheb)

This appears to be the situation developing here in the U.S where truth has become relative to each person’s opinion instead of absolute in God’s truth.
“He was his own governor, and what he did he said was right; and, by his cunning and strength, defended his conduct. When a man’s own will, passions, and caprice, are to be made the rule of law (Gen 6:5), society is in a most perilous and ruinous state” (Clarke commentary).
Man’s wisdom is foolishness (1 Cor 1:20, 3:19-20) and only allows satan to control us (Jer 17:9, Matt 15:19, 24:12, Rom 3:10-12, Eph 4:27).
We must return to our first love – Jesus (Rev 2:4) and begin praying for our country earnestly and fervently (James 5:16b). 😔

God bless you today 🤗

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