Proverbs 11:2


When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Pro 11:2 (net)

The proud hypocrite deceives himself into ignoring realities in the conduct of his life that the meek and humble person quickly recognizes and takes into account.
The proud person’s vanity pushes him into conduct that will end in shame, “The Berean”, 11-7-20.
People are foolish to try to get rich by dishonest methods, because dishonesty brings judgment from which riches cannot save (Bridgeway commentary).
When pride enters your heart; love, compassion, generosity and all other Godly characteristics leave, since pride and humility are mutually exclusive.
Pride opens the door to your soul for satan and his evil influence (Rom 1:21, 1 John 2:16, Job 35:12, Psalm 10:4, 58:12, Pro 8:13, 16:18), and God will not live in the same heart with satan (1 Cor 10:21, 2 Cor 6:15-17, Isa 42:8). ☹️

God bless you today 🤗

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