Proverbs 29:18


Without prophetic vision (Biblical truth), people abandon restraint, but those who obey the Law are happy. Pro 29:18 (isv)

Where Divine revelation, and the faithful preaching of the sacred testimonies (Biblical truths), are neither reverenced nor attended, the ruin of that land is at no great distance (Clarke).
Very striking in the midst of ethical precepts is this recognition of the need of a yet higher teaching (God), without which morality passes into worldly prudence or degenerates into casuistry (Barnes).
Essentially, when our rulers care only for themselves and the wealthy and when the church fails to preach God’s truth; society will decay. (Amos 8:11, Pro 11:14, 14:34, 24:24, Isa 5:20). ☚ī¸

Now would be a good time to pray for a spiritual awakening in our country . 😔

God bless you today 🤗

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