Isaiah 9:14-15


So the LORD has cut off from Israel head and tail, palm branch and reed in a single day. The elder and the dignitary is the head, and the prophet (preacher) who teaches lies is the tail. Isa 9:14-15 (isv).

God makes sure that the two major motivators of Israel’s spiritual decline, the religious and political leadership, would feel His wrath first (“The Berean”, 10-19-20).
This also applies to our country and its Christian and political leaders (Gal 6:7, Isa 5:20, 5:23, 13:11, 29:20, Micah 2:1, Pro 17:15, 24:24).
A sad indictment against this country. šŸ˜Ÿ

God bless you today šŸ¤—

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